African Drumming & Corporate Drumming

Drum Beats is an Australia wide company that brings people together for corporate team building activities in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane & the Gold Coast. These dynamic experiences are ideal for road shows, Christmas parties, weddings, educational programs - in fact any special occasion!

Drum Beats taps into rich universal traditions of using music and rhythm as a tool of communication. Rhythm is innate within us all - the beat of our heart, the way we walk and the clapping of our hands. Everybody has the ability to express themselves rhythmically in a positive way.

Corporate Team Building Activities

Drum Beats Team Building activities transform and unite groups of people through rhythm! With a drum for each participant, the group is led on an exhilarating rhythmic adventure. Within minutes energy levels are heightened as the participants work together to discover the rhythm of their team.

During the events surprise and fun reign supreme. Participants discover the fabulous percussive ensemble they are able to create through drumming, the use of other percussive instruments and their voices. More team building ideas.

Drum Beats team building events showcase cooperative group dynamics and communication skills. The events are suitable for small groups of 10 through to larger groups of 5,000 participants. Images of recent team building activities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth & Adelaide.

Team Building Ideas to Uplift your Conference!

Ask Drum Beats to your office, venue or come to our venue & we will bring a drum for each person & create a team experience that will engage & motivate everyone. Helping to set a positive tone for weeks ahead.

There are always enough drums; African djembes and dunun, Egyptian tablas, Middle Eastern darabukas and Indonesian drums, which are often complemented with other percussion instruments.

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* School Performances to Build Confidence and a sense of Community

* An exciting team building idea or gala entertainment for events in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Canberra