Drums for Schools

  • Tabla/ Doumbek/ Darrabukka

    • Made in Egypt and Syria
    • Made from cast aluminium
    • Strong synthetic skin
    • Comes with a spare skin
    • The skin is attached with allan/alum screws
    • Very durable and easy to maintain
    • High quality and should last many years if reasonably well looked after - The drums often retail for more than double our prices listed below

    2 Different Sizes:

    1. 41cm high, 28cm head, 2.9kg = $110 plus GST & postage
    2. 45cm high, 29cm head, 4.1kg = $125 plus GST & postage

    Drum Beats Recommendations:

    The 40cm drum is the lightest in weight making them easy for the younger children to hold between their knees or to play on the side. This drum is probably the best option if you want to work mostly with Year 3 and younger students.
    The 41cm and especially the 45cm are of very high professional quality they are professional sounding instruments.
    This is the easiest style of drum to maintain especially when the skin breaks!

  • Djembe

    • Made in Indonesia
    • It has a wooden shell
    • A goat skin head
    • The skin is affixed with ropes as is visible in the photo to the right. When the ropes are tensioned this tightens the skin of the drum. The tighter the skin the easier it is to get definition between slaps (near the rim fingers slightly apart), tones (near the rim fingers together) and bass (open hand in the middle of the skin).
    • Maintenance is more time consuming than with the tabla, but it does have an earthy warm tone.

  • This style of drum is traditional to West Africa; Drum Beats now brings the drums in from Indonesia as we have been able to find a supplier that we are 95% confident is using sustainable harvested plantation timber

    2 Different Sizes Drum Beats Recommendations:

    1. 40cm high, 26cm head, 2.4kg = $95 plus GST & postage
    2. 50cm high, 28cm head, 3.0kg = $150 plus GST & postage