Councils & Festivals

The Multicultural Stage Shows

Sure to draw a crowd!

Ignite your festival with a performance to remember, a team of musicians & drums for all to join in - we bring as many drums as you need. The Drum Beats team perform an array of rich percussion based music from around the world - rhythms from West and North Africa, Operatic and Gypsy vocals & songs from the new album.

Crowd members are invited to play the drums as the Drum Beats facilitator conducts the participants to become part of the performance, creating a level of energy & excitement hard to beat. Special dances for the little ones & a dynamic African dance performance for the older ones!

  • Ideal for children, families – all ages
  • An Australia Day Extravaganza!
  • A unique way to bring people together at your event!

‘Thanks for being part of Council’s Australia Day entertainment
program for the evening.

It was evident everyone had a great time - especially the hundreds of screaming children eager to get up on stage to drum with you!

The organised chaos in getting 80 drums up on stage was well worth it
with the interaction really adding a different element to the show!
It was loud, vibrant, colourful, interactive and most importantly
entertaining….exactly what we were after.

A must to experience!’ Vivien Mouradian, Arts/Cultural Officer, Ku-ring-gai Council