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The Zim Zams

Be Warned
This catchy upbeat, foot tapping cd is becoming a favourite with kids & parents alike! The music is an Angela special fused with rich vocals, a wondrous sense of imagination and instruments from around the world

Zim Zams CD

Listen to some snippets of the songs below:

Here is what 'Web Child' has to say in their Review -
Themes/Values = Alphabet, numbers, body parts, world music.

The Zim Zams is a likeable, foot-tapping kid’s world music album with lessons on learning the alphabet, basic mathematics and body parts, all made fun with happy, beautiful vocals.

The Zim Zams has a language of its own, one that’s easy to sing along with. Your children will love calling out, "Iggy Zoogah mama yeah, Bedaku zima deka le!" It's like a speech lesson set to music, as their little brains direct their mouths to make these precise pronunciations.

The 'Zoo Blues Count' teaches simple addition and recites the numerals from one to ten, over and over. 'Beautiful Dreaming – Holm Taz Buhija' is a gorgeous lullaby in Maltese accompanied by the mbira, a distinctive-sounding African instrument.

Spoken narration is scattered throughout the CD.
'The Adventures of Rufus and Elki' is the story of two young children who have special, dream-catching magic that makes all their dreams come true. This story captures the imagination with lyrics like
"I dream of seas of ice-cream 
I dream of laughing kites 
A place where all the people
Can fly to soaring heights."

'Chika-Da-Doo' is an upbeat rhythmical rap song set to harmonised voices and a simple ‘clap’ beat with quirky lyrics like: "See that fish swimming in the clouds, 
Eating cake and milkshakes. 
See that chair over there 
Dancing with a fuzzy bear."

As I write this review, The Zim Zams has my three-year-old doing his own unique version of break-dancing on the lounge room floor, using his Star Wars laser as a way to accentuate each movement.
He is giving this album the big thumbs up and so am I.

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