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Courses & Lessons

Drum Beats lessons are run by world class musicians & teachers, who are also fun! (we only choose teachers who are able to relate to students in a fun & energetic way). Below is a list of our current offerings, if you have as specific type of percussion you would like your student to learn thats not listed, just ask - chances are we can help out.

Hand Drumming & Percussion Lessons

The desire to hit & vocalise is primal to us all, during these lessons creativity is encouraged as the students work towards a performance piece.

A focus is placed on relating to students at their level & empowering them to learn & enjoy drumming. From previous experience these lessons have proved to be academically valuable as students have significantly improved with their ability to learn in other areas of schooling.

Christopher Fields is a talented and energetic performer, teacher and facilitator. He has toured the world with various ensembles and has taught in various schools and Universities in both Australia and America. He currently teaches at various schools in Sydney including AIME (Australian institute of music)

'Start a drum group at School' Workshop

Our motto - "Rhythm Is Life"

Yes we all have rhythm! This is a one off workshop to encourage and inspire teachers to run drumming groups with students without relying on an external teacher. The workshop will provide the basic tools and teachers notes required to start a drumming group.

"As a former school music teacher I found that children are naturally enthusiastic about drumming and within a few classes children were composing and performing their own pieces. My role was to was simply to direct that process" Angela Grima, Drum Beats, Artistic Director

African Dance

African dance is a dynamic & exhilarating form of movement & self expression. It is an exciting way for children to develop co ordination, confidence & fitness. Mory Traore is a former lead dancer at the Ballet Matam, Guinea, West Africa having spent close to 15 years learning & perfecting the dances of his country.

Mory is a fun & enthusiastic teacher, ready to take your class on a journey of rhythm & movement

African Drumming

Over the past decade African drumming has become increasingly popular, it is enjoyed & well recognised for its energy & its upbeat intensely rhythmic nature.

Yacou M’Baye was born into a family of griots (musician caste) in Dakar, Senegal. During his musical career Yacou has won various prestigious drumming and dance competitions internationally. He is a talented & inspiring teacher; join him for a lively experience of African drumming & percussion.

Drum Kit

The drum kit which evolved as a result of the need for one person to cover various drums & percussion instruments is an exciting challenge for any student. Join the 3rd generation percussionist Chris Fields for the fun yet testing lessons in drum kit drumming.

Body Percussion

No equipment or experience required,
Q: What was the first instrument available to human kind?
A: The human body

Watch out Tap Dogs, here we come!

Fodé Mané is a dancer, musician & choreographer from Dakar, Senegal, join Fodé on a journey of rhythm as he brings rhythm to life - sure to get your school moving & grooving.

Latin & Afro Cuban Percussion

The Afro Cuban culture that we know today evolved as a result of the many African slaves, European migrants & indented Chinese labour that settled in Cuba. Musically the result is mostly influenced by West African & Spanish music, Cuban music has gone on to greatly influence other styles such as Jazz & Salsa

Join Chris for an energy packed series of master classes.
Fine tune your skills on the bongos, claves, the guiro & congas.

Master Classes

Need to brush up your skills?
Drum Beats offers various Master classes which can be tailored to suit your needs. We recommend  master classes as preparation for eisteddfods, band camps, HSC electives and teacher workshops.

We currently have master classes available in West African dance and drumming, Afro Cuban, Indian Tabla, Egyptian Tabla, Improvisation, Vocals and specific sections within a band, e.g horn section, woodwind section, percussion etc…