School Programs

Drum Beats educational shows are designed to build confidence, spirit and a sense of community in our children. All the shows are hands-on for every child!

Primary School

‘The Multicultural Every Child plays a Drum Show’
Authorised by the Department of Education

Find the Heart Beat of your school with this exciting hands on show involving drums, singing, languages from around the world, rhythms in our environment and body percussion. A great way to inspire the rhythm in life!

“Thanks for a most fantastic day last Friday. The energy you displayed and the excitement that you generated in the children was just amazing. I am interested in new and exciting things and you certainly delivered that.

The children were focused and engaged and the staff was fascinated. Well done!!” Graeme Green, Principal – Baulkham Hills North Public School
Audience size 140 - 200

Secondary Schools

‘The Spectacular’ - Authorised by the Department of Education
Every student in every show has a drum to play for the duration of the performance!

Ideal for

  • Team Building
  • Confidence
  • African music study and rhythm extension
  • Society and Culture
  • Physical Education
  • Careers Days 

"Motivate, Inspire, Ignite, was the theme for our Year 11 and 12 Motivational Day and Drum Beats certainly fulfilled our criteria, engaging 190 students with their energetic interactive performance. The sound from the huge collection of drums was amazing. Students were actively encouraged to participate and to lead the group with their own rhythms.

Drum Beats is an unusual but a wonderful way to encourage students to think creatively and to be engaged in the process. It was also a great opportunity to have fun at school.” Alison Langham, Careers Adviser - Lake Illawarra HS
Audience size 140 - 200

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Junk Beats

Primary Schools

See, hear & create rhythms from recycled junk. Great for developing creativity, coordination and environmental awareness. Develop a music program in your school using junk and children's innate sense of rhythm. A great way to add music on a limited budget.
Audience size 150

Staff Development Days

Teachers of all Ages & Experiences!
Unite and inspire your staff with the fun of a drumming circle. A drum for every one.
The experience will put a smile on the face of even your most overworked and/or reserved staff member.
Audience size 10 to 200

Junk Rhythm Workshop


This workshop enables teachers to develop the skills and confidence to implement a junk percussion ensemble in your school. Good for schools with smaller budgets. Teachers always leave workshops confident and assured!
Audience size 20 to 1000

Performances are available in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth