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African Drumming Entertainment

This is an African drumming entertainment extravaganza! The sounds of drums, flutes and percussive vocals fill the air, each participant is given an authentic African drum to play and is led on a musical journey through Africa.

Experience the true sound of Africa as your team creates an improvised vocal and body percussion session. Marvel at the energy & athleticism displayed as a dynamic African dancer leaps onto the floor - Be even more amazed as your colleagues display their previously untapped African dance moves as they join the African dancer!

These events double up as a fun team building experience. The sessions are guaranteed to unearth the 'cave man' in your team. Many participants remark upon the fun of communicating through the series of rhythms, gestures and signals that is inherent in transforming a group into an African drumming orchestra!

A great way to bring your Christmas Party, Client Entertainment or Roadshow to life and create an atmosphere sure to be remembered.

Ask us how Drum Beats inspired over 500 employees  to let their hair down after 4 years of boring Christmas functions & have an awesome time!