It’s the dance craze that’s swept the world! And now your group can be one step ahead of the rest by experiencing the toe-tapping rhythm and sound of the fun and funky Bollywood Beat !

Bollywood is a high-energy dance workout that combines a melting pot of moves from the streets and studios of the world’s largest film industry with classical Indian dance, folk dancing, Latino and Arabic influences.

Everyone can find their rhythm with Bollywood ! It’s a fun, silly and totally engrossing dance genre that floods your body with joyful movement - setting you free to explore the inner Bollywood dancer within you and your team.

Our glamorous Bollywood Dancers teach you simple steps that have you pulsing, grinding and flicking just as they do in the movies. Before you know it you and your team are dancing together as one in a motivating, engaging and fun atmosphere. All to the infectious upbeat music of the traditional instruments played by our skilled Bollywood musicians, including the Indian Tabla, Sitar and Indian Flutes.

Our Bollywood performance show showcases the artistry of Indian Classical Dance fused with modern genres. We can tailor our shows to your needs.

The exuberant and exciting Bollywood experience energises and bonds teams, breaks down barriers and creates common ground.

It is ideal for any of the following special occasions:

  • Multicultural Dinner
  • Team Building
  • Presentation
  • Roadshow
  • Staff Get-together
  • Christmas Party
  • Wedding Entertainment
  • Awards Night

Speak to us if you’d like to enhance your Bollywood experience by transforming your venue into the glamorous world of Bombay, complete with an extravagant Bollywood feast.