Drum Beats invites you to leave your busy world for a little while to visit a beautiful World in the time before there was Time, where the Sacred is seen in all things ...

Here an Aboriginal Elder teaches you the rhythms and beats of the Corroboree. You hear songs that deepen your understanding of the meaning of the Dreamtime. And the gentle strains of didgeridoos, and other traditional instruments, played by the skilled Dreamtime musicians, stir your soul.

There are no leaders or followers at this gathering. Just the Ancestral Spirit, invited in to encourage  participants to PLAY … to allow the rhythm of the drumming Circle to carry them away to find their own rhythm and beat. The Circle is ever-changing … even when the rhythms move in chaos - away as your group centre themselves and align to the harmony of each other – and back as the music transforms into a beautiful and haunting beat and rhythm ... Dreamtime is about returning to the magic of your natural rhythm, spontaneity and joy.

Dreamtime invigorates minds and bodies, strengthens team bonds and reinforces common values and goals. The shared experience of making music together raises spirits in a fun, uplifting atmosphere.


The Dreamtime Experience is:

  • Ideal for the start, middle or close or conference to anchor your message –  uplifting, focusing and empowering your team to function as a Community.
  • A showcase performance for out-of-towners or overseas tourists who’d like to experience Australia’s unique and creative culture.
  • A beautiful way to bless your Wedding Day.
  • The perfect accompaniment for any occasion that celebrates LIFE