Shanghai Stomp!

W-H-O-M-P ! From the moment the Stomp performers BURST into the room with their fresh energy and infectious high spirits your team will be on the edge of their seats – fully engaged and primed for a rhythm and sound adventure like no other, starring everyday objects, junk and clutter !

Send your team on a wild, LOUD journey of sound and rhythm ! See them create and experiment, unwind and embrace their hidden talents, guided by the skilled Stomp performers .... as they learn to connect and listen to each other with funky rhythms, gestures and signals. And be amazed by the explosive finale when M-U-S-I-C emerges from the NOISE of this fully-formed vibrant junk percussion ensemble, now totally in synch with their creative spirit !

Shanghai Stomp breaks down inhibitions, energises and invigorates your group, and MAY leave your team with the knowledge that vast resources and opportunities are all around us if we have fresh eyes to see and open ears to hear.

The perfect 'Pick-Em-Up', Shanghai Stomp is an ideal team building experience to:

  • WAKE UP your conference delegates from their mid-afternoon slump and get them back on track.
  • CLOSE your conference on a high note to leave your delegates on a resounding and lasting HIGH!
  • Enliven your road show, product launch or Christmas Party !
  • JUMP-START your delegates at the beginning of a conference to invigorate and focus them for the day ahead.