Corporate Team Building

Uplift & Inspire

Drum Beats corporate team building activities are ideal for conferences, sales meetings & celebrations. During a Drum Beats session your team is led on an exhilarating rhythmic adventure as they discover the team pulse and transform into a dynamic drumming orchestra. From small groups of ten to groups of thousands imagine your next conference icebreaker or function exploding to life as your delegates beat the drums as one with Drum Beats!

How it works

The sound of anticipation can be heard through the rapid beating of 500 heartbeats as delegates enter the room to the primitive sound of the drums and the alluring vocals of Angela Grima. The discovery of a drum on each chair inspires laughter and teamwork as 1000 hands beat their drums. Within minutes the Drum Beats facilitator has everyone working together in harmony.

During the session various rhythm based team building activities are undertaken creating a light and energetic environment. Thus resulting in new found confidence, positive group dynamics, creative thinking, reduced stress levels, increased vitality, and refined awareness. Click here to find a team building idea for your company.


Team bonding / Team building experiences

  • To successfully make music together a group of people have to listen to one another, relax, feel the rhythm and move beyond other challenges.
  • Mutual acknowledgment and respect for others emerge as each participant sees the overall sound is greater than any individual part.
  • A powerful experience of successfully working together

Stress Reduction

  • Group drumming has been proven to boost the immune system. Please visit our health and science page for more information on this and how drumming can induce an Alpha brainwave state.
  • A fun experience shared by the group as participants connect with their more primal energy

Personal Development

  • Improved intuition and creativity
  • Concentration, focus and intense listening skills are developed greater awareness of subtle energy changes and group dynamics

Drum Beats corporate team building activities are ideal for Conference Ice Breakers, Road Shows, Staff Development, Awards Evenings, Annual Meetings, Christmas Parties, Off Sites.....