Motivational Speakers

Keynote Speakers with Rhythm!

Drum Beats brings to life after dinner speaking with a fresh and fun approach. 
This engaging and uplifting presentation unites the audience as they communicate through the primeval language of rhythm! Drum Beats bring a drum or percussion instrument for each participant & within minutes the group comes alive as they feel the beat and talk with the rhythm.

Why Speak with Rhythm?

Creating rhythm is a natural & intuitive activity. As human beings it is easy to forget that our earliest attempts at communication involved grunts, gestures and creating sounds from our surrounding environment. As society evolved these sounds were organised into patterns and rhythms that evolved into the languages of today. Drum Beats provides an opportunity for people to reconnect with their natural rhythm in a positive fun environment. Whilst we promise not to turn your delegates into a group of cave men and women, our ‘motivational rhythm speakers’ will facilitate a wonderfully uplifting and liberating experience of communicating through rhythm.

The time-slot allocated to a motivational speaker is a valuable opportunity to motivate, engage and inspire your audience! Make the most of it!

How do we do it?

Without spoiling all the surprises, Drum Beats brings a drum or percussion instrument for each participant and very rapidly creates an uplifting percussive orchestra.
Much of our success is due to the unique skills of our facilitators in creating an exciting and positive atmosphere that is a precursor to participants relaxing and wanting to be part of the presentation. Led by the multi talented Angela Grima, the team comprises an eclectic mix of world class musicians. Angela's intuitive awareness of the energy of the group allows Drum Beats to be a step ahead in creating a dynamic experience for any group.

To discover how we will leave your tribe energised, relaxed and ready to creatively meet the challenges ahead contact us through our enquiry page or Phone: 1300 749 846

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