Company Team Building Ideas

Drum Beats have a range of exciting team building ideas, our services are available Australia wide in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and other areas of Australia.

Annual Conference

What better way to break the ice and set the mood at your conference than a Drum Beats team building session. Alternatively after lunch can be a difficult session to maintain momemtum and energy. Drum Beats recommends a team building session with the drums to re-energise, inspire and motivate your conference!

On Site or Off Site Team Building Initiative

This team building idea is a fun way to punctuate team objectives such as team bonding, commitment to a common goal and conflict resolution not to mention a fun way to de-stress! Ideal for either employees who are familiar with working together or working individually. 

Roadshow / Product Launch

Imagine the impact of the whole group making music together. We guarantee to have positive energy flowing within seconds! Your special event will be remembered long after the drums have stopped.

Staff Get Together

Why not book your favourite restaurant and invite Drum Beats along for an informal team building session after work. Sure to spice up your meal and boost the atmosphere back in the office for weeks to come! Ask us about our rhythm friendly cuisine partners.

Company Christmas Party Entertainment

A WOW Factor to remember!
Winter is over, the weather is warming, Christmas is around the corner, your colleagues are ready to celebrate... The drums begin to play and in no time the music is pulsing and every one is in rhythm for a night to remember! Choose from Drum Beats Christmas Party Entertainment themes.

Conference Boost

Here is a corporate team building idea that is an ideal energy raiser for a large group when time is of the essence. Each participant is given a percussion instrument to play and is led by the energetic Drum Beats staff into a primal ensemble of rhythm and fun.
Quick to set up, Speedy to energise and sure to leave every one smiling!

Awards Night

'Celebrate Good times C'mon...'
They say a picture paints a thousand words.


Staff retreats can be of great benefit to any team. Including a Drum Beats team building session can realize objectives such as team bonding, commitment to a common goal, conflict resolution, de-stressing and re-fueling!

Change Management

Naturally enough a company that has undergone structural changes often experiences low morale and low levels of motivation amongst the employees. One of the first steps in re motivating a team is to engage in an activity that promotes positive group experiences resulting in a higher level of personal and group confidence. A Drum Beats team building event or even one of the corporate entertainment options is a sure fire way for employees to re-discover the fun and satisfaction of working together.

Speak to Drum Beats on 1300 749 846 and we can provide our unique perspective on providing a team building idea for your next company event.