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Team Building Benefits Non-Profits

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Even groups like The Dominican Sisters can benefit from team building

If you are a non-profit organization you may have difficulty with allocating funds to a team building exercise. As your main goal is to fundraise for your specific target, items that take away from that goal are often seen as suspect. However, you and your board of directors may be looking at the equation backwards. 

Team building retreats, events or seminars are just as important to non-profits as they are to businesses. Businesses are in the ‘business’ of making money; technically any non-profit charity in New South Wales, Australia is in the same ‘business’. At the end of the day if your team of volunteers cannot work together, your fundraising efforts can often not reach their goal. 

This problem is not a business problem but a human one. As the cause is ‘just’ most non-profit teams tend to get along with each other, but problems can often simmer below the surface a lot longer as well. People put their feelings aside for the greater good. Yet what if this is actually harming the greater good rather than advancing it?


This is where a team building session can often make a huge difference in your volunteer team. People in general are not great communicators and working in a team is an acquired skill. Without practising that skill, teams can often fail at the simplest of things. By providing an activity outside of the organization, teams get to interact on a different level, by sharing a positive experience. This shared experience can often make real differences in how a team interacts, communicates and resolves their differences. For the good of your charity, invest in your volunteers. 

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Why Corporate Drumming Works

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

When you are planning your next corporate event, consider adding in a physical activity that is great for everyone. Although most experts agree that physical activities for corporate events is a great way to get the blood flowing to promote innovation, unfortunately not all members may be able to participate. This is where Drum Beats can make a difference in your next event.

Did you know corporate drumming is a highly effective way to communicate a corporate message, even though most employees will think it is simple entertainment? Corporate drumming is modelled after a number of different drumming practices from centuries past. From the African drumming circles to Native drummers in many parts of the world to the use of drums to lead soldiers into battle, they have an iconic place in the world’s history.

Drumming provides an ephemeral physical connection between participants and the rhythmic sounds and even provides physiological changes in those participating according to studies. This connection is what makes them so powerful for morale, team building and creating unity.

It has recently been proven that constant rhythmic sounds of a beat synchronize a group’s physical reactions. This is why so many novice drummers can pick up a drum and within moments follow the most complex rhythms in a group setting.

What is even more amazing that was revealed by this 2012 study by the University of Singapore researchers was that the same synchronization led to different brain functions actually improving and accelerating the brain’s ability for decision-making. This synchronization of brain ability with physical connection actually facilitates the ability of personal interactions.

Science proves that corporate drumming truly does improve your team’s communication and decision making abilities. The next time your team seems out of ‘sync’ it may be time to call in the professionals at Drum Beats to beat some sense back into their brains; in a corporate drumming way!

Teambuilding Important for Medical Industry

Tuesday, December 15, 2015
Australia relies on all of its medical industry to provide top notch care under some of the most extreme circumstances. If you have relied on a nurse, doctor or Emergency services personnel, then you know the importance of them working as a team. Team building in the entire medical industry should be required to have this important training in place. 

Being an effective team player and understanding the importance of supporting each other in critical situations in the medical industry requires practice. Health institutions should not rely simply on internal training to affect a positive team environment. Being able to coordinate with other teams is also an essential skill. Often office ‘politics’ and workplace pressure or stress prevents effective teambuilding strategies while in the workplace. Instead plan for team building at an off-site location and see the difference it can make. 

Extra Ordinary Event Planners

Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Event planning can be an amazingly complex task, whether it’s for a corporate event, a children’s birthday party, an entertainment extravaganza, adult parties or a wedding. One of the toughest choices can be securing entertainment that will keep your guests from boredom. Drum Beats extraordinary Event Planners can coordinate with you or your planner to ensure the event goes off without a hitch. As a premier event entertainment company we provide superior service and entertainment that will keep your guests drumming to the beat long after we have finished.

Corporate Events

Drum Beats has an amazing impact for corporations looking to make an impression on their employees with the highly energizing and effective experiential team building activities of our drumming events with a coordinating event planner. If you are looking to raise the bar for your corporate event, invite us to make a statement on your behalf, by creating an exciting environment with active participation that they will remember. Our personalized and custom event planner services can be used in any of the following company events:

o Team Building Activities (on or off-site)
o Annual Conferences
o Roadshows or Product Launches
o Informal Staff Get Together
o Christmas Party with a Wow
o Conference Atmosphere Booster
o Awards Night: one to remember
o Retreats
o Change Management

We custom tailor our program to each event to make sure it is the most effective, whether its for fun and morale building or more for team building and personal development.

Children & Schools

Our kids will inherit the earth; why not give them a little fun before they take on the world. Our kid and school programs make for a great entertaining and interactive activity that will have parents, teachers, kids and students involved. Music lessons, drumming club start ups, staff motivation, assembly cheer, councils and festivals, primary or secondary; our cultural and educational experience in providing top quality children’s programming is unparalleled. All these services include the use of our professional event planner.

When was the last time you threw a party for your children that had the neighbours, friends and family stunned into silence, or in our case active participation? Whether it’s for a birthday, sweet sixteen, off to college or university, Bah Mitzvah or any other cultural event, Drum Beats can make the difference between dull and Drum-tastic!



The most exciting, exhilarating and amazing day of your life should also be filled with events that bring excitement and surprises to you and your guests. Our Event Planners interactive entertainment can be used to unite families in a joyous celebration through rhythm, music and dance. Set the mood of the reception as guests arrive or get interactive by providing a great show that gets people involved. Break the ice before dinner, provide visual tantalization while their palates are excited during dessert or kick off the dancing party by getting everyone involved in Drum Beats original show. As event planners we coordinate directly with you or your designated wedding planner to save you time and money. The excitement of our professional performers will leave everyone at your wedding with that WOW factor you have been looking for. 

Drum Beats Event Planners, in Sydney, New South Wales are available for programming across Australia, with 21 musicians to make your Event a success! Our wide range of programs, special themes, and custom tailored events for corporate, educational or personal events are unsurpassed in quality, fun and expertise. 

People Inspiring People

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The story of inspiration is one that can help you endure through tough times and keep a positive attitude when it seems everything is going wrong. Energetica realizes that and has a personal quest to empower those people and organizations that truly make our society a better one: nonprofit service organizations.

When Drum Beats received the call to inspire Energetica, it was received with excitement. Being the inspiration to a company that literally provides the tools necessary for our nonprofits to make such a difference in the lives of those that need it, simply feels amazing. Thank you Lisa Harvey for letting us lift your up with an African drumming team building event.

People make the Difference

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Team Bonding Event at The Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel

There can often be a group that is slow to warm up, but with the right people in their midst, it is made easy. Woolworths Limited employees were that group, where the energy was not immediately present, but a few energetic people amongst them brought them all out of their shells. 


As a Drum Beats facilitator you need to understand group dynamics, find these individuals that hold such dynamic power and encourage them to unleash it. Once that happens the corporate team bonding happens in a very natural way.

Corporate Entertainment raises Spirits

Friday, September 12, 2014

The next time you consider raising your employee’s spirits, think about more than simple corporate entertainment. 

Although providing social entertainment can help your employees socialize and share experiences, the best way to improve their connection is a cooperative shared experience.

An event that helps your staff participate in a joined experience like rhythmic African drumming ensures not only a fun and educational event, but the ability to connect with each other as the team attempts to maintain physical rhythm with the music. Try to avoid activities that centre individual employees out or asking to share personal information as these may backfire and make the employee feel ostracized. Instead, participation in a corporate drumming event in Sydney can be as easy and fun as ‘banging a drum’.



In a recent corporate team building event, Wynstan Blinds from Sydney gave it their all by picking up their personalized, 46th Anniversary drums and getting into the beat the moment the concert started. With an excellent, flamboyant and diverse show every time from Drum Beats you are assured that everyone can have fun. With colourful and original cultural costumes from African nations like Ghana to alternate entertainment during the show like fire-eaters all themed to the way you want it, your corporate entertainment event in Sydney will be a hit.

New for 2015

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Junk Workshop Performance

We have exciting news and another use for your old metal or tin recycling waste products.

We are taking bookings for our new inspirational music ‘Junk Workshops’, featuring leftover metal, plastic & cardboard items.  
Just about anything can be used and especially metal objects – old paint tins, buckets, metal plates, odd items such as cardboard tubes, plastic bottles. We even tune pvc pipes into terrific organs and xylophones/thongaphone
(in true Aussie you hit the instrument with a thong to create the sounds!).  
One of the brilliant attributes of this workshop ( i should say ''play-shop'') is that it is playful & demystifies music making. If you have ever see the bluemen in action (type blue men p into youtube) you will see what we mean.


Our Junk Workshop Performance will be ready in 2015, so please book now and start saving up your metal items for this incredibly fun and interactive teacher workshops, or to inspire students.  
Contact Rob for more information and pricing on or 1300 749 846.

Experiential Team Building Activities

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

“A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of themselves and their contribution to praise the skills of others.” – Norman Shidle

Any organization relies on the work of individuals, cooperation as a team, and a cohesive interdependence to achieve success. In order to become a cohesive and successful team takes time, training and events that test and push the group to achieve more than they thought possible. Through Drum Beat’s Experiential Team Building Activities your organization and employees will develop stronger self confidence, self esteem and a personal sense of value all while having a great and entertaining time.

What is Experiential?

As it suggests experiential learning generally means a ‘hands-on’ experience that transfers a physical set of skills from one person to another to achieve internal personal development. Rather than conventional learning that provides a pre-determined goal of knowledge transfer usually for an external purpose, like learning new corporate policies. Experiential team building activities are developed to hone a person’s self-worth and build individual and team confidence. Both types of learning are just as necessary as the other in order to build a solid team. Conventional learning focuses on the actual knowledge required while physical team building activities explore personal self-development in order to participate effectively in a team.

Why Experiential is Essential

Most organizations or businesses see conventional knowledge as the best way or the most expedient way to impart knowledge. This is true for the specific objectives of any business. If you are revealing a new product line you want to make sure the sales staff understands what it is, its features and price points. Yet if you want a team that not only understands the purpose but goes beyond all expectations, their own personal development as an individual and a team need to be fostered, grown and expanded through team building activities.

Team Building Activity Sydney

By developing your employee’s personal capabilities beyond product or company knowledge their own self-esteem, confidence, personal strengths and personal sense of purpose and fulfillment will in-turn improve their attitudes, morale, and emotional well-being. This is critical as it directly affects a person’s productivity. Giving employees all the tools to succeed include both conventional knowledge and personal development through experiential learning and team building activities.

Experience Builds a Team

Successful teams are built through developing trust, relationships and knowledge of each person’s capabilities, both strengths and weaknesses. These activities are the building blocks of allowing a fun and positive experience to build trust among peers and colleagues and make effective working relationships. The results of effective team building are productivity, accountability and leadership skills.

As experiential learning is often a team effort it imparts a sense of togetherness and through its very hands-on nature a physical level of excitement not elicited through a conventional method. Drum Beats provides an exciting, hands-on and team work driven experience that ensures that your corporate team building activities are a positive, individual and team building exercise that they will not soon forget. Drum Beats, located in Sydney, New South Wales, provides shows and corporate events throughout Australia. We look forward to making your next Corporate Seminar or Conference an excitement filled event.

Drum Up a Little Corporate Entertainment Excitement

Friday, May 16, 2014

Providing corporate entertainment , building morale and excitement can be a difficult task, especially in large corporations that can be impersonal. If you want amazing productivity and loyal employees it may be time to rethink how you provide certain benefits for them. It’s time to spend a little extra effort in corporate entertainment, away from work, in order to increase their loyalty, productivity and turn them into a brand ambassador. By building corporate entertainment excitement, employees are rewarded for their hard work and the corporate rewards are immediate.

Party Entertainers

Building Morale

Gallup through corporate surveys estimated that businesses lose billions of dollars from their bottom line through absenteeism and lost productivity as a direct result of low morale. Even marginal morale differences between a highly motivated workforce and employees that are not dissatisfied can cause lost profits. Building morale can be a simple daily, weekly, monthly and annual task through simple and effective corporate entertainment events. Build these ideas into your routines to start building employee satisfaction, loyalty and motivation:

  • Recognize life milestones of employees such as Birthdays and weddings with a card or cake.
  • Keep them informed, sharing financial data that lets them recognize how bad choices could affect their position in the future.
  • Use open management by listening to employee’s ideas and recognizing them when you can implement one.
  • Make work life as comfortable as possible, with comfy chairs, mood lighting and the right tools for the job.
  • Encourage individual or group breaks for coffee, a brisk walk or other small activities. 15 minutes will gain your more in productivity.
  • Thank your employees with a smile, handshake and card publicly for the great work they have been doing. It will go further than impersonal cash incentives.
  • Search online for other ideas and implement them, changing tactics quarterly to keep the positive reinforcement fresh.

Exciting Corporate Entertainment

One of the best way to keep the morale of your company going in the right direction is rewarding departments, groups of employees or if a company-wide goal was met the entire company with a special event either during or after work hours. There are many ways you can incorporate Drum Beats Corporate Entertainment excitement into a departmental meeting, a corporate lunch, a Quarterly Social Event, or into your annual conference.

Drum Beats provides an uplifting experience that raises morale by instilling teamwork, self confidence, personal development and the good feeling that comes from great music and fun. Drum Beats can meet you at your business or at an outside venue for any type of uplifting get-together. Here are some ideas for boosting morale and confidence in your employees:

  • Informal team building meal with a Drum Beats meal rhythm partner.
  • Make this year’s Christmas party one to remember with Drum Beats themed parties.
  • Give your Annual Conference the heart-pounding, jaw-dropping experience no one is expecting.
  • Celebrate your employee’s achievements at an Awards night with a special Drumming celebration.
  • A small getaway retreat to build trust, morale and relationship with a special drumming circle that builds a cohesive bonding experience.
  • Establish stability after major changes with a change management morale booster.

Drum Beats provide corporate entertainment in Sydney, NSW, or can meet your group anywhere in Australia to drum up the perfect blend of exciting entertainment and morale boosting team building experiences that will have your employees motivated and discussing the event for months to come. Great corporate entertainment excitement can be invigorating, uplifting and boon to your productivity and morale. In fact, motivated and satisfied employees can often be your best brand ambassadors outside of work hours. We offer packages from small restaurant meetings to multiple thousand attendee conferences.