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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Junk Workshop Performance

We have exciting news and another use for your old metal or tin recycling waste products.

We are taking bookings for our new inspirational music ‘Junk Workshops’, featuring leftover metal, plastic & cardboard items.  
Just about anything can be used and especially metal objects – old paint tins, buckets, metal plates, odd items such as cardboard tubes, plastic bottles. We even tune pvc pipes into terrific organs and xylophones/thongaphone
(in true Aussie you hit the instrument with a thong to create the sounds!).  
One of the brilliant attributes of this workshop ( i should say ''play-shop'') is that it is playful & demystifies music making. If you have ever see the bluemen in action (type blue men p into youtube) you will see what we mean.


Our Junk Workshop Performance will be ready in 2015, so please book now and start saving up your metal items for this incredibly fun and interactive teacher workshops, or to inspire students.  
Contact Rob for more information and pricing on or 1300 749 846.