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Team Building Benefits Non-Profits

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Even groups like The Dominican Sisters can benefit from team building

If you are a non-profit organization you may have difficulty with allocating funds to a team building exercise. As your main goal is to fundraise for your specific target, items that take away from that goal are often seen as suspect. However, you and your board of directors may be looking at the equation backwards. 

Team building retreats, events or seminars are just as important to non-profits as they are to businesses. Businesses are in the ‘business’ of making money; technically any non-profit charity in New South Wales, Australia is in the same ‘business’. At the end of the day if your team of volunteers cannot work together, your fundraising efforts can often not reach their goal. 

This problem is not a business problem but a human one. As the cause is ‘just’ most non-profit teams tend to get along with each other, but problems can often simmer below the surface a lot longer as well. People put their feelings aside for the greater good. Yet what if this is actually harming the greater good rather than advancing it?


This is where a team building session can often make a huge difference in your volunteer team. People in general are not great communicators and working in a team is an acquired skill. Without practising that skill, teams can often fail at the simplest of things. By providing an activity outside of the organization, teams get to interact on a different level, by sharing a positive experience. This shared experience can often make real differences in how a team interacts, communicates and resolves their differences. For the good of your charity, invest in your volunteers. 

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