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Why Corporate Drumming Works

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

When you are planning your next corporate event, consider adding in a physical activity that is great for everyone. Although most experts agree that physical activities for corporate events is a great way to get the blood flowing to promote innovation, unfortunately not all members may be able to participate. This is where Drum Beats can make a difference in your next event.

Did you know corporate drumming is a highly effective way to communicate a corporate message, even though most employees will think it is simple entertainment? Corporate drumming is modelled after a number of different drumming practices from centuries past. From the African drumming circles to Native drummers in many parts of the world to the use of drums to lead soldiers into battle, they have an iconic place in the world’s history.

Drumming provides an ephemeral physical connection between participants and the rhythmic sounds and even provides physiological changes in those participating according to studies. This connection is what makes them so powerful for morale, team building and creating unity.

It has recently been proven that constant rhythmic sounds of a beat synchronize a group’s physical reactions. This is why so many novice drummers can pick up a drum and within moments follow the most complex rhythms in a group setting.

What is even more amazing that was revealed by this 2012 study by the University of Singapore researchers was that the same synchronization led to different brain functions actually improving and accelerating the brain’s ability for decision-making. This synchronization of brain ability with physical connection actually facilitates the ability of personal interactions.

Science proves that corporate drumming truly does improve your team’s communication and decision making abilities. The next time your team seems out of ‘sync’ it may be time to call in the professionals at Drum Beats to beat some sense back into their brains; in a corporate drumming way!