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A Star Is Born... Right Under the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Thursday, September 06, 2012

After a year of scripting, casting  choreography and rehearsals, and several out of town tryouts, the spectacular Giaia Rhythm Show  by Drum Beats made its debut at  Circular Quay on New Year’ s Eve. The rest, as they say, is history!

New Year’s Eve at the Sydney Opera House – what better time or place could there be to launch an exciting new entertainment concept? The Gaia Rhythm  Show is a new entertainment concept from Drum Beats that combines irresistible tribal rhythms with original music, choreography, dancers and adult circus acrobats to provide a very different kind of entertainment experience  - not an event segment or a team building scenario, but a fully fledged show for any size of audience in any location.



Gaia – the name derives from the old Greek word for the planet Earth, builds on Drum Beats proven strengths of international rhythms and music scapes and audience inclusion by adding new original soundtracks, choreography, gymnastics, fire dancing and fire eating. The result is a sophisticated adult circus spectacular.

The Gaia spectacle was developed by Drum Beats Artistic Director and Joint CEO Angela Grima over more than a year of casting, rehearsals and tryouts before making its debut at the new Opera Kitchen precinct at the Sydney Opera House, accommodating five fashionable Sydney restaurants in one unique boardwalk at the foot of the Opera House.

The New Years Eve Programme
Tasked with entertaining a large crowd of diners and fireworks watchers form 6.30 pm to 1.15 am, Drum Beats divided the night into seven separate scenes between 6.30 pm and midnight.

The audience enjoyed a Gaia Rhythm Dance Show with African drummers and dancers; a drumming workshop with 30 audience members playing drums; a graceful adagio acrobatic duet; a Gaia Rhythm show with dancers, vocalists and percussionists; a floor show featuring original music and two fire dancers: and The Gaia Rhythm Party Band performing funky r&b numbers


A slick, large scale show like Gaia requires really professional production and organisation. Drum Beats were able to draw on their many years of staging shows to pull it all together, from the red carpet, lighting and audio systems to understanding and complying with all the stringent OHS requirements of the Sydney Opera House to make it all happen perfectly.

The Future of Gaia – It’s big!

The Gaia Rhythm Show is a unique corporate entertainment concept - part adult circus, part world music event and part pulsating soundscape of percussion and melody. Since our New Years Eve debut at the Opera House this year, we have staged Gaia a half dozen times, and each performance has been different since we shape the show to fit the event and the environment.  For example, a recent three day Gaia Rhythm Show event for an international audience included didgeridoos, break dancers and Haka performers from New Zealand – an exciting and different stand-alone entertainment concept.

We’ll be showcasing The Gaia Rhythm Show in its own website very soon, but if you are interested in staging Gaia for your company in the near future, please contact Rob, Angela or Athill on 1300 749 846

New Year’s Eve 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Gaia Rhythm Show extravaganza set to debut in Sydney on New Year’s Eve!

It’s our most ambitious and spectacular production yet – a smorgasbord of entertainment, with six performances on stage incorporating didgeridoos and drums, electric guitars, flutes and haunting Asian stringed instruments, singers and dancers from Africa, Asia and Australia, live fire dancing, acrobatic displays and much more. It’s called Gaia – the ancient Greek name for planet earth, because it is a distillation of the world’s great rhythms and celebrations of life.

The Gaia Rhythm Show draws on Drum Beats Creative Director Angela Grima’s diverse background in theatre, opera, jazz, world music and choreography, backed by the incredibly talented and multiculturally diverse team of musicians who work with Drum Beats. These musicians come from around the world from countries such as Hungary, Malta, Guinea, Switzerland, Senegal, Latvia, Ghana, Burma, America, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Egypt and Australia. Many of us speak more than one language, but of course the most common language we share and understand better than any other is the language of rhythm.

Here is a peek at what we did for Conrad Jupiters High Rollers Ball last New Years Eve

The Gaia Rhythm Show Promo


We have been perfecting and previewing Gaia for many months, and now we are ready to make our Sydney debut at the Sydney Opera House  ‘Opera Kitchen’ on the lower concourse  for New Year’s Eve.

Book now for a festive dinner prepared by the Opera Kitchen’s top chefs, an unbelievable waterfront view of the fireworks and the international excitement of the Gaia Rhythm spectacular – the best NYE in Sydney,  all for only $295 per head!  Details 0450 099 888 or  NYE at The Opera Kitchen