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Extra Ordinary Event Planners

Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Event planning can be an amazingly complex task, whether it’s for a corporate event, a children’s birthday party, an entertainment extravaganza, adult parties or a wedding. One of the toughest choices can be securing entertainment that will keep your guests from boredom. Drum Beats extraordinary Event Planners can coordinate with you or your planner to ensure the event goes off without a hitch. As a premier event entertainment company we provide superior service and entertainment that will keep your guests drumming to the beat long after we have finished.

Corporate Events

Drum Beats has an amazing impact for corporations looking to make an impression on their employees with the highly energizing and effective experiential team building activities of our drumming events with a coordinating event planner. If you are looking to raise the bar for your corporate event, invite us to make a statement on your behalf, by creating an exciting environment with active participation that they will remember. Our personalized and custom event planner services can be used in any of the following company events:

o Team Building Activities (on or off-site)
o Annual Conferences
o Roadshows or Product Launches
o Informal Staff Get Together
o Christmas Party with a Wow
o Conference Atmosphere Booster
o Awards Night: one to remember
o Retreats
o Change Management

We custom tailor our program to each event to make sure it is the most effective, whether its for fun and morale building or more for team building and personal development.

Children & Schools

Our kids will inherit the earth; why not give them a little fun before they take on the world. Our kid and school programs make for a great entertaining and interactive activity that will have parents, teachers, kids and students involved. Music lessons, drumming club start ups, staff motivation, assembly cheer, councils and festivals, primary or secondary; our cultural and educational experience in providing top quality children’s programming is unparalleled. All these services include the use of our professional event planner.

When was the last time you threw a party for your children that had the neighbours, friends and family stunned into silence, or in our case active participation? Whether it’s for a birthday, sweet sixteen, off to college or university, Bah Mitzvah or any other cultural event, Drum Beats can make the difference between dull and Drum-tastic!



The most exciting, exhilarating and amazing day of your life should also be filled with events that bring excitement and surprises to you and your guests. Our Event Planners interactive entertainment can be used to unite families in a joyous celebration through rhythm, music and dance. Set the mood of the reception as guests arrive or get interactive by providing a great show that gets people involved. Break the ice before dinner, provide visual tantalization while their palates are excited during dessert or kick off the dancing party by getting everyone involved in Drum Beats original show. As event planners we coordinate directly with you or your designated wedding planner to save you time and money. The excitement of our professional performers will leave everyone at your wedding with that WOW factor you have been looking for. 

Drum Beats Event Planners, in Sydney, New South Wales are available for programming across Australia, with 21 musicians to make your Event a success! Our wide range of programs, special themes, and custom tailored events for corporate, educational or personal events are unsurpassed in quality, fun and expertise. 

Corporate Team Building needs a heart beat to be effective

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Every organization whether comprised of 20 or 20,000 employees, work together in teams at various times to achieve a common goal of productivity or achievement. The results of your employees reflect a direct correlation to their interaction within the team, their own personal development and whether the team has bonded outside of work activities.  Corporate team building activities have been scientifically proven to bolster productivity, self confidence and career development.

The Science of Team Building

Scientifically proven means that there are quantifiable results that happen when this activity is performed to the betterment of the company including increased results, better morale, more cohesive teams and better interpersonal employee relationships. A research group from the University of Central Florida in 2009 analyzed data from 103 team building studies from 1950-2007. The analysis revealed that corporate team building had direct positive effects on how people felt about their team members and surprisingly a strong effect in improving processes. Without specifically improving the nature of the business process, this study showed that by improving team mechanics the process is therefore also improved. 

Other effects revealed that team building activities help to improve goal-setting and clarify roles as well as improved interpersonal relations. Teams developed through experiential activities also proved more capable at solving problems. It is clear why so many large corporations have included these activities into monthly events that help their bottom line.


Active Team Building

The real key to providing a truly uplifting team building event is participation. Imagine 1000 employees all beating in rhythm under the expertise of Drum Beats facilitators. Employees arrive to their seats and find a drum and their curiosity picks up. Soon, as with the hands beating on the drums, their hearts beat with an energy that flows through and around everyone creating a cacophony of sounds through their own teamwork. The realization of concerted effort and individual development has in fact created a musical work of art dawns. Their experience has allowed them a mutual experience to draw on. 

Making 1000 drums beat in rhythm is harder than it sounds and only through a concerted effort and mutual respect can the challenge be overcome and produce a cohesive result. The result of this activity includes reduced stress, an improved immune response and personal developments including improved intuition, creativity, focus and awareness of group dynamics. 


Drum Beats instils life into your corporate team building events. By providing a unique experience in any of your corporate styled events, drumming creates an uplifting energy and cohesion that is powerful and memorable. It is one of the best team building events because it is very versatile and can be applied to small or large groups without having to break into small units. As an activity it is inclusive of age, gender, education or background and participants receive instant gratification by hearing and feeling the musical rhythm. 

Contact us to book your events anywhere in Australia  on 1300 749 846 or email

Team Building Activities Australia Wide in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart

Lord Mayors Welcome

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Drum Beats Performs During Lord Mayors Welcome to International University Students

Drum Beats, the corporate entertainment and team building sensations, went back to school earlier this month with a dazzling performance at the Sydney Lord Mayor’s annual welcome for international university students. Taking place at the city Town Hall, the traditionally low-key welcome ceremony was transformed into a vibrant multicultural reception by Drum Beat’s unique fusion of intricate African rhythms, folk dance and acrobatics.

A team of seven Drum Beats performers used an electrifying mix of uplifting rhythms and excellent showmanship, with musicians and dancers working as one to get the crowd to their feet and moving in perfect synchronization with the alluring sound of traditional drums.

The African themed music and dance show was specifically chosen by the organizing committee for the event in an effort to provide a more multicultural, invigorating and energizing welcome for the city’s incoming alumnus than has been the case in previous events.

Known for their dynamic road shows, unique corporate team building events and sensational presence at weddings, parties and special occasions, Drum Beats taps into the rich universal tradition of using music and rhythm as tools of communication. Students in attendance at their honorary inauguration came from the University of Technology, Sydney, University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, Australian Catholic University, University of Western Sydney and TAFE NSW.


By promoting the beautiful tribal rhythms that are such an intrinsic part of African musical culture, to such a multi-faceted audience, the performance was also perfectly timed to coincide with the run-up to Australia’s National Harmony Day.

Rob Wines co-founder of Drum Beats said, “We were delighted to be invited to perform at the Lord Mayor’s welcome by the organising committee and excited by the challenge of reinvigorating the long standing event in order to connect with the students. Our music and performances are uplifting and invigorating. It is the type of music that can be felt throughout the body and the soul as much as it can be heard which made it perfect for such a diverse audience.

“The electrifying sound of drums never fails to instil a feeling of excitement and reverence, with the music acting as an international language that traverses age, race, social dogma and creed. It arouses an almost primeval instinct to dance and move, and peacefully bonds people in an atmosphere where social differences have no precedence.”

Drum Beats perform regularly throughout Sydney & Australia for corporate entertainment, at schools and other public venues and can be contacted on 1300 749 846 or via email


A Star Is Born... Right Under the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Thursday, September 06, 2012

After a year of scripting, casting  choreography and rehearsals, and several out of town tryouts, the spectacular Giaia Rhythm Show  by Drum Beats made its debut at  Circular Quay on New Year’ s Eve. The rest, as they say, is history!

New Year’s Eve at the Sydney Opera House – what better time or place could there be to launch an exciting new entertainment concept? The Gaia Rhythm  Show is a new entertainment concept from Drum Beats that combines irresistible tribal rhythms with original music, choreography, dancers and adult circus acrobats to provide a very different kind of entertainment experience  - not an event segment or a team building scenario, but a fully fledged show for any size of audience in any location.



Gaia – the name derives from the old Greek word for the planet Earth, builds on Drum Beats proven strengths of international rhythms and music scapes and audience inclusion by adding new original soundtracks, choreography, gymnastics, fire dancing and fire eating. The result is a sophisticated adult circus spectacular.

The Gaia spectacle was developed by Drum Beats Artistic Director and Joint CEO Angela Grima over more than a year of casting, rehearsals and tryouts before making its debut at the new Opera Kitchen precinct at the Sydney Opera House, accommodating five fashionable Sydney restaurants in one unique boardwalk at the foot of the Opera House.

The New Years Eve Programme
Tasked with entertaining a large crowd of diners and fireworks watchers form 6.30 pm to 1.15 am, Drum Beats divided the night into seven separate scenes between 6.30 pm and midnight.

The audience enjoyed a Gaia Rhythm Dance Show with African drummers and dancers; a drumming workshop with 30 audience members playing drums; a graceful adagio acrobatic duet; a Gaia Rhythm show with dancers, vocalists and percussionists; a floor show featuring original music and two fire dancers: and The Gaia Rhythm Party Band performing funky r&b numbers


A slick, large scale show like Gaia requires really professional production and organisation. Drum Beats were able to draw on their many years of staging shows to pull it all together, from the red carpet, lighting and audio systems to understanding and complying with all the stringent OHS requirements of the Sydney Opera House to make it all happen perfectly.

The Future of Gaia – It’s big!

The Gaia Rhythm Show is a unique corporate entertainment concept - part adult circus, part world music event and part pulsating soundscape of percussion and melody. Since our New Years Eve debut at the Opera House this year, we have staged Gaia a half dozen times, and each performance has been different since we shape the show to fit the event and the environment.  For example, a recent three day Gaia Rhythm Show event for an international audience included didgeridoos, break dancers and Haka performers from New Zealand – an exciting and different stand-alone entertainment concept.

We’ll be showcasing The Gaia Rhythm Show in its own website very soon, but if you are interested in staging Gaia for your company in the near future, please contact Rob, Angela or Athill on 1300 749 846

Myth 2: Blokey audiences don’t want to join in the singing and dancing.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Just because a guy would rather watch a footy match than the Australian Ballet does not mean that he has no sense of rhythm or doesn’t get a kick out of banging a drum.  Engineers, logistics staff and blue collar workers are some of our favourite audiences because they really know how to have a good time in a group situation.


As Drum Beats Artistic Director, Angela Grima says
“You just need to be able to understand group dynamics and what turns groups on. We all have rhythm and we all have the ability to connect and communicate through music- no matter what our job, gender or title is”. 

Event:  Woolworths Engineering and Maintenance Conference – Team Building Event
Woolworths Ltd
Conference Organiser:
Andrew Howarth
Engineering and Maintenance Staff
Penrith Panthers Leagues Club, Sydney

Woolworths Limited is much more than a supermarket. The group owns seventeen major retail brands including food, electrical and liquor retail chains, hotels, petrol outlets and hardware stores and was listed as the 19th biggest retailer in the world in 2010. All the maintenance and service requirements of this retail empire – including all occupational health and safety issues – are managed by a separate entity – Woolworths EMS, (engineering, maintenance and  services), which has the enormous task of selecting and controlling the thousands of independent contractors who keep the wheels turning.

Andrew Howarth of Woolworths EMS who organised the conference was very happy with the success of this key team building event. “There were a few of our guys who were a bit self conscious and might have preferred to sit on their hands rather than join in the clapping, singing and drumming, but Angela overcame their reluctance surprisingly quickly, and within a few minutes everyone was joining in and have a great time. For me, the best thing about this Drum Beats event was the fact that our people actually surprised themselves in their ability to participate as a team and enjoy it”.

Myth 3: A Drum Beats show is too noisy for a multi function venue

Thursday, September 06, 2012

You know the problem – you’re in a conference or convention centre and there are other conferences happening next door. You’d love the energy and participation of a drumming show, but you don’t want complaints from the next door neighbours. Drum Beats Executive Producer Rob Wines says “Relax, we’ve done this before lots of times and we have ways of giving you all the excitement and participation you want without disturbing anyone else sharing the venue.”

Event:  Western Union Client Awards Night
Western Union
Conference organiser:
Oliver Winchester, Senior Business Development Manager - Australia
Western Union Agents
Waterfront Restaurant, Circular Quay, Sydney


The Waterfront Restaurant, tucked away in a heritage listed sandstone stone building overlooking Circular Quay and the Opera House, is a dream location …  but it poses its own problems for performers. The old building is not very soundproof and it is impossible to insulate the function area form the rest of the facility. This is a challenge that Drum Beats has faced and solved several times before at various venues.

Drum Beats performed elegant background music (featuring keyboard, conga, flute & vocals) when guests arrived and drinks were served. We then came back after dinner for the pre-awards team building event – minus our usual drums (we used body percussion, singing and less intrusive instruments instead). The highlight of the evening was devised specially for Western Union, who wanted a fire show as a finale and were disappointed to learn that because they were in a heritage building, naked flame was not permitted.

Instead, Drum Beats developed a UV light glow show that required blacking out the room, dressing our performers in UV-reflective costumes illuminated by UV lights and performing a magical light circus routine based on twirling and juggling and acrobatics with glow balls and glow sticks, performed to the live music. The result was such a hit, it’s now become one of our standard routines – who says necessity isn’t the mother of invention?

After this event, event organiser Oliver Winchester wrote to us to say:

I just wanted to say a big thanks to you and your team for the spectacular show you put together on Thursday night. The Western Union team really appreciated the efforts you went to accommodate the restrictions imposed by the venue, you came up with a great plan”.





Myth 4: “You’ll never get our senior managers to bang a drum.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Oh if only we had $100 for every time we’ve heard that one! Our ten years in the business has taught us that senior executives love to bang drums. They also like to wear silly hats and sing. That’s because they’re smart enough to realise that seeing the bosses join in is one of t he fastest and most effective ways to create a strong team spirit.

Event:  Alstom Team Building event. East Asia – Pacific
Alstom Power
Conference Organiser:
Zubin Postwalla
Senior management
Novotel, Sydney Olympic Park

Alstom is one of the big international names in telecommunications infrastructure, and they are a very serious company indeed. But they do know when and how to have a little fun.

When Zubin Postwalla of Alstom’s Singapore Regional Head Office needed to organise an important team building event for Alstom Australia following an internal restructure, he already knew how successfully a corporate drumming event had been for Alstom in France and he had no hesitation in booking Drum Beats for this event.

The meeting was attended by a VIP from Alstom’s Paris HQ and regional senior management from Singapore as well as management teams and product managers from Australia and New Zealand – a top level executive group – and every one of them wore an outsize Rasta hat, banged a drum and had a good time. .

“The infrastructure sector is by nature conservative”, says Zubin. “But Angela soon got our people into the spirit of the thing, including the one or two who needed a gentle shove but were soon fully involved. One factor which definitely helped was that our senior international managers were present and actively participated in and supported the event – our Commercial VP believes that meetings and team building activities of this kind are important.

In assessing the value of the event, Zubin pointed out that it conveyed a strong message from the management team in a fun way: "We may be geographically separated, but let’s move forward together, each beating his own drum, but to the one rhythm we all agree on - that is the key to an organisation’s success”.



Myth 5: We have the wrong age and social mix for an audience participation event.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Some event organisers are concerned that the audience just won’t “gel" and the event will fail as a result. To them we say:”Just have faith in the power of the drums and our specialist knowledge of audience psychology”. 

Event: Tullich Family Communities Awards Night
Tullich Family Communities
130 head office personnel, health professionals and village admin staff
Trattoria La Vigna, Camden

Tullich Communities, who operate Durham Green and Blue Hills retirement villages on the outskirts of Sydney, are dedicated to creating a true sense of community in their facilities and among their staff.

When they engaged Drum Beats to perform at a function held to show their appreciation to their staff, Tullich management knew that a very mixed group of staff  would be present, including health professionals, administrative staff and hands on carers of all ages, but this was never a problem. “We stepped back and let everyone work together”, says Joint CEO Maurice Tullich, “ and Drum Beats truly made something amazing happen”.

“The drumming was so exciting and created a happy and fun atmosphere” recalls group physiotherapist Peter Locke.”People usually stick to their little work groups at a social event, but at this event everyone got involved in the activity. Everyone was equal.



Got any special needs or specific concerns about your upcoming event?
Please call Drum Beats on 1300 749 846 to discuss your particular needs and answer any questions.

Arabic Drumming for the Beirut Hellenic Bank Merrylands

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
After the success of the Drum Beats performances for the Beirut Hellenic Bank open days at Brunswick, Oakleigh & Northcote in Melbourne and the Sydney events in Marrickville, Burwood, and Parramatta, the Merrylands branch opening was another opportunity for Drum Beats to perform more informally for a local community

So as to connect with their customers & local communities the team at  Beirut Hellenic Bank used the Arabic & Greek themed performances at the previous performances, for Merrylands the Arabic theme was in full swing!

New Year’s Eve 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Gaia Rhythm Show extravaganza set to debut in Sydney on New Year’s Eve!

It’s our most ambitious and spectacular production yet – a smorgasbord of entertainment, with six performances on stage incorporating didgeridoos and drums, electric guitars, flutes and haunting Asian stringed instruments, singers and dancers from Africa, Asia and Australia, live fire dancing, acrobatic displays and much more. It’s called Gaia – the ancient Greek name for planet earth, because it is a distillation of the world’s great rhythms and celebrations of life.

The Gaia Rhythm Show draws on Drum Beats Creative Director Angela Grima’s diverse background in theatre, opera, jazz, world music and choreography, backed by the incredibly talented and multiculturally diverse team of musicians who work with Drum Beats. These musicians come from around the world from countries such as Hungary, Malta, Guinea, Switzerland, Senegal, Latvia, Ghana, Burma, America, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Egypt and Australia. Many of us speak more than one language, but of course the most common language we share and understand better than any other is the language of rhythm.

Here is a peek at what we did for Conrad Jupiters High Rollers Ball last New Years Eve

The Gaia Rhythm Show Promo


We have been perfecting and previewing Gaia for many months, and now we are ready to make our Sydney debut at the Sydney Opera House  ‘Opera Kitchen’ on the lower concourse  for New Year’s Eve.

Book now for a festive dinner prepared by the Opera Kitchen’s top chefs, an unbelievable waterfront view of the fireworks and the international excitement of the Gaia Rhythm spectacular – the best NYE in Sydney,  all for only $295 per head!  Details 0450 099 888 or  NYE at The Opera Kitchen