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Experiential Team Building Activities

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

“A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of themselves and their contribution to praise the skills of others.” – Norman Shidle

Any organization relies on the work of individuals, cooperation as a team, and a cohesive interdependence to achieve success. In order to become a cohesive and successful team takes time, training and events that test and push the group to achieve more than they thought possible. Through Drum Beat’s Experiential Team Building Activities your organization and employees will develop stronger self confidence, self esteem and a personal sense of value all while having a great and entertaining time.

What is Experiential?

As it suggests experiential learning generally means a ‘hands-on’ experience that transfers a physical set of skills from one person to another to achieve internal personal development. Rather than conventional learning that provides a pre-determined goal of knowledge transfer usually for an external purpose, like learning new corporate policies. Experiential team building activities are developed to hone a person’s self-worth and build individual and team confidence. Both types of learning are just as necessary as the other in order to build a solid team. Conventional learning focuses on the actual knowledge required while physical team building activities explore personal self-development in order to participate effectively in a team.

Why Experiential is Essential

Most organizations or businesses see conventional knowledge as the best way or the most expedient way to impart knowledge. This is true for the specific objectives of any business. If you are revealing a new product line you want to make sure the sales staff understands what it is, its features and price points. Yet if you want a team that not only understands the purpose but goes beyond all expectations, their own personal development as an individual and a team need to be fostered, grown and expanded through team building activities.

Team Building Activity Sydney

By developing your employee’s personal capabilities beyond product or company knowledge their own self-esteem, confidence, personal strengths and personal sense of purpose and fulfillment will in-turn improve their attitudes, morale, and emotional well-being. This is critical as it directly affects a person’s productivity. Giving employees all the tools to succeed include both conventional knowledge and personal development through experiential learning and team building activities.

Experience Builds a Team

Successful teams are built through developing trust, relationships and knowledge of each person’s capabilities, both strengths and weaknesses. These activities are the building blocks of allowing a fun and positive experience to build trust among peers and colleagues and make effective working relationships. The results of effective team building are productivity, accountability and leadership skills.

As experiential learning is often a team effort it imparts a sense of togetherness and through its very hands-on nature a physical level of excitement not elicited through a conventional method. Drum Beats provides an exciting, hands-on and team work driven experience that ensures that your corporate team building activities are a positive, individual and team building exercise that they will not soon forget. Drum Beats, located in Sydney, New South Wales, provides shows and corporate events throughout Australia. We look forward to making your next Corporate Seminar or Conference an excitement filled event.

Myth 2: Blokey audiences don’t want to join in the singing and dancing.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Just because a guy would rather watch a footy match than the Australian Ballet does not mean that he has no sense of rhythm or doesn’t get a kick out of banging a drum.  Engineers, logistics staff and blue collar workers are some of our favourite audiences because they really know how to have a good time in a group situation.


As Drum Beats Artistic Director, Angela Grima says
“You just need to be able to understand group dynamics and what turns groups on. We all have rhythm and we all have the ability to connect and communicate through music- no matter what our job, gender or title is”. 

Event:  Woolworths Engineering and Maintenance Conference – Team Building Event
Woolworths Ltd
Conference Organiser:
Andrew Howarth
Engineering and Maintenance Staff
Penrith Panthers Leagues Club, Sydney

Woolworths Limited is much more than a supermarket. The group owns seventeen major retail brands including food, electrical and liquor retail chains, hotels, petrol outlets and hardware stores and was listed as the 19th biggest retailer in the world in 2010. All the maintenance and service requirements of this retail empire – including all occupational health and safety issues – are managed by a separate entity – Woolworths EMS, (engineering, maintenance and  services), which has the enormous task of selecting and controlling the thousands of independent contractors who keep the wheels turning.

Andrew Howarth of Woolworths EMS who organised the conference was very happy with the success of this key team building event. “There were a few of our guys who were a bit self conscious and might have preferred to sit on their hands rather than join in the clapping, singing and drumming, but Angela overcame their reluctance surprisingly quickly, and within a few minutes everyone was joining in and have a great time. For me, the best thing about this Drum Beats event was the fact that our people actually surprised themselves in their ability to participate as a team and enjoy it”.

Myth 3: A Drum Beats show is too noisy for a multi function venue

Thursday, September 06, 2012

You know the problem – you’re in a conference or convention centre and there are other conferences happening next door. You’d love the energy and participation of a drumming show, but you don’t want complaints from the next door neighbours. Drum Beats Executive Producer Rob Wines says “Relax, we’ve done this before lots of times and we have ways of giving you all the excitement and participation you want without disturbing anyone else sharing the venue.”

Event:  Western Union Client Awards Night
Western Union
Conference organiser:
Oliver Winchester, Senior Business Development Manager - Australia
Western Union Agents
Waterfront Restaurant, Circular Quay, Sydney


The Waterfront Restaurant, tucked away in a heritage listed sandstone stone building overlooking Circular Quay and the Opera House, is a dream location …  but it poses its own problems for performers. The old building is not very soundproof and it is impossible to insulate the function area form the rest of the facility. This is a challenge that Drum Beats has faced and solved several times before at various venues.

Drum Beats performed elegant background music (featuring keyboard, conga, flute & vocals) when guests arrived and drinks were served. We then came back after dinner for the pre-awards team building event – minus our usual drums (we used body percussion, singing and less intrusive instruments instead). The highlight of the evening was devised specially for Western Union, who wanted a fire show as a finale and were disappointed to learn that because they were in a heritage building, naked flame was not permitted.

Instead, Drum Beats developed a UV light glow show that required blacking out the room, dressing our performers in UV-reflective costumes illuminated by UV lights and performing a magical light circus routine based on twirling and juggling and acrobatics with glow balls and glow sticks, performed to the live music. The result was such a hit, it’s now become one of our standard routines – who says necessity isn’t the mother of invention?

After this event, event organiser Oliver Winchester wrote to us to say:

I just wanted to say a big thanks to you and your team for the spectacular show you put together on Thursday night. The Western Union team really appreciated the efforts you went to accommodate the restrictions imposed by the venue, you came up with a great plan”.





Motivational Moments September 2012

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Do you know you can start inspiring your team from the minute you arrive at work each morning?

Your company is doing a fantastic job in difficult times, but the pressure is on and your team is looking tired, tense and worried. You may not have the budget to give them all a raise, but don’t forget that it’s sometimes the little things that make all the difference .. like these:

Give on-the-Spot Praise.
When there is a reason for praising someone don't put it off for any reason! Praise people when the achievement is fresh on everyone's mind. Tell whoever it was that it was a great presentation as soon as the audience walks out.  Congratulate them on a great sale as soon as the ink dries on the order. Praise them promptly for what they accomplished or achieved and give them a buzz that will motivate them for the next week at least.

Ask for team input.
Everyone feels more inspired when they are part of something. One easy way to do this is to organise brainstorming sessions which not only show your team that their input is valued and listened to, but might even throw up some great ideas!

Bring a prize for everyone.
Stretch your budget now and then to include an inexpensive gift your whole team can share – such as a fruit basket, a carton of Easter eggs, movie tickets or a tray of pizza slices – it’s a great way to reward people and to make them feel appreciated.  And don’t forget the surprise factor - unexpected gifts go a long way towards building a well-motivated team.


Motivational Moments

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Do you know you can start inspiring your team from the minute you arrive at work each morning?

Because your team   looks to you to set the tone of the workplace, you can make a big difference to the day’s performance just by enhancing your own performance in the first 5 minutes of each day.
If you arrive at the office looking and feeling full and energy and enthusiastic to start the day’s work, your team immediately gets the message that you are there because you want to be there and that you will be investing high energy into that day and expect them to do so as well.

 But if you arrive at work bleary eyed and unenthusiastic, that gives others the cue to drop their enthusiasm a few notches as well. Naturally, we’re not all at our chirpy best first thing in the morning, but sometimes arriving 10 minutes early for a quick caffeine fix or fresh juice at a nearby cafe before work is all you need to mentally plan an entry into the office that gets everyone feeling good and ready to go to work.

Was this thought helpful? Please let us know. Although we have become well known for our drumming events  we also like to provide practical ideas for inspiring and motivating corporate groups that don’t rely on drums, and we’d especially value your feedback, ideas and contributions too  – please  email  us at