2007 - CSC

CSC - Team Building Activity,

North Ryde, Sydney, July 18th

Staff at the Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), who are based in Macquarie Park (a suburb of Sydney), took time out in the afternoon to participate in an uplifting team building activity. The activity helped participants to reconnect, unite and feel inspired ready to return to the everyday challenges of modern day work.  

Everyone was provided with an instrument, an African drum and tuned percussion tubes of different lengths and colours. Each member had a part to play. Members of the group had varying musical experiences, some participants even professed not "to have a musical bone in their body"; however in spite of these differences, in no time the co-workers were creating harmonious rhythms that pulsed through the room. The different sounds complemented each other as the group merged into an orchestra leaving many participants delightfully surprised. It was, indeed, a team building activity like no other.