2007 - Centacare

Team Building Activity

Sydney, October 26th


On October 26, 2007, Drum Beats partnered with Centacare to create an invigorating and memorable team building activity. The activity provided all the participants with a chance to unwind and recharge. The staff took a step back from the crucial, but often stressful and emotionally charged roles that they perform where they are taking care of others. During this activity they had a chance to reconnect and take care of themselves.

Centacare, a Catholic Family Services provider Australia wide, reaches out to people in need from all walks of life. Staff from Centacare assist the homeless, abuse victims, children who need foster parents and people with mental health challenges. The Centacare team is trained to resolve issues and handle crisis's, a job that can be stressful and demanding for the workers.

The team building activity was designed to be spirit building, an avenue of relaxation and to celebrate the team’s day-to-day achievements. And for the Centacare team, who work with the community in a range of supportive roles, connecting through African drumming was an invigorating and healing experience. African drumming is an integral part of the African diaspora, and other cultures around the world. In many of these cultures, drumming and music plays an important role in healing. 

During the Drum Beats team building activity, each member of the Centacare team had a drum to play and engaged in creating rhythm and harmony as they united together to experience the power of working as one. The team also enjoyed the opportunity to follow and perform traditional African dance and encourage their colleagues. Drum Beats was happy to have helped uplift some of Australia's unspoken heroes through this team building experience.