2007 - Citco Team Building Activity

Citco for Improving Connections

Team Building Activity - Broken Bay, November 17th

Teamwork, unity, and harmony—these qualities were put to the test during Citco’s team building activity, held on the outskirts of Sydney, last November. Facilitated by the team development group Improving Connections, the team building included fun learning sessions, engagement activities, and a Drum Beats African drumming segment. 

The African drumming workshop involved the participation of everyone in the audience, each one with an African drum in one hand, the other hand ready to beat the drum—no manual, no guide, nothing but their heartbeat, their hearing and their perceptiveness to allow them to create unified music as one team. Starting initially with raw beats, the audience soon learned to harmonize with each other’s rhythm and work together for the benefit and enjoyment of the group. The session ended with smiling faces as the sound rose to an invigorating booming crescendo. 

The Drum Beats team building activity was a unique and fun learning experience for all of the participants.