2007 - Deloitte

Chill Out Session

Swiss Grande Hotel, Sydney, September

Combined with fun conversations and engaging music — members of Deloitte Australia enjoyed a rejuvenating chill out session facilitated by our very own Drum Beats team, one of Australia's leaders in corporate entertainment. 

Deloitte is a top provider of audit, financial advisory and tax-related services to companies around the world and appreciates the value of team bonding and down time away from the sometimes stressful work environment. Drum Beats corporate entertainment service made for a perfect avenue for de-stressing and allowing creativity to flow.

The drumming workshop was a new type of team building activity for the small Deloitte group. Each participant was provided with their own instrument to play as they learnt to create melody and harmony as a team. The final output was a cohesive rhythm based orchestra created by the drumming and an impromptu flute solo. Great job, Team Deloitte!