2007 - Family Day Care Conference

Conference Team Building Activity

CBD Sydney, November 5th

Family Day Care Australia (FDC) partners with Drum Beats to provide its members with a highly energetic, interactive and musical team building activity during the Sydney conference last November - a musical experience like no other. 

A leading organization in child care and education, FDC has been providing care and learning to children for more than 4 decades. It has more than 25,000 educator members and caters to around 124,000 families across Australia. An advocate of holistic education and well-being, FDC understands the value of music in children’s development. Music facilitates coordination between mind and body, stimulating creativity while providing a fun learning environment.

During the conference, the room filled with wonderful music and colours as rhythm tubes, drums, percussion instruments and other musical instruments were distributed to the group. The sound that was created blended into a rhythmic and melodic composition, uplifting the participants spirits and enthusiasm to more fully engage for the remainder of the conference. 

It was a celebration of music, learning and values that both FDC and Drum Beats share — collaboration and respecting the uniqueness of each individual.