2007 - NSW High School Principals Conference

Conference Team Building Activity

Manly Pacific Hotel, June 17th

The annual NSW High School Principals Conference held last June 17, 2007, at the Manly Pacific Hotel, overflowed with energy when Angela Grima, and the Drum Beats team, took to the stage for a lively musical break. 

The conference was an annual gathering of different school heads across New South Wales. Drum Beats was invited to provide an invigorating team building experience to help keep the positive energy flowing during the conference. In keeping true to our mission, which is to use music and rhythm to create team harmony, we set out to provide this unique musical experience for all the participants to enjoy and take back to their schools. 

Drum Beats has expansive experience performing at schools, including team building, conferences, galas, drumming workshops and other educational events. Our team is founded on music and rhythm. We celebrate the way music creates unity, promotes learning and encourages creativity—basic educational foundations that can benefit students of all ages. It is always our pleasure to work with individuals who promote the same values that we do.
So when our team took to the stage, at the Manly Pacific Hotel, we were especially looking forward to the experience of providing a music based team experience for some of the leading educators of New South Wales. Utilizing easy-to-play African drums and musical instruments, the participants enjoyed the journey to discover their inner musical self. 

One unified team with a common goal, bonded together in a spontaneous orchestra that had the room brimming with enthusiasm and excitement. Men and women, young and old discovering and rediscovering their connection to music in a truly memorable team building experience. Congratulations to all our educators and may your heart be always filled with music!