2007 - IAG

IAG - Team Building Activity,

Raffertys Resort, Hunter Valley, September 3rd

When the team of Insurance Australia Group (IAG) went to Raffertys Resort in Hunter Valley for their conference and team building activity, everyone thought it would be the stock standard work conference with a combination of presentations, speeches and the standard team building games; however, the IAG team was in for a pleasant surprise! 

The IAG staff were welcomed by the tribal sounds of brightly clad musicians, who set the scene for the unexpected corporate entertainment / team building. It was a seldom-seen, seldom-experienced kind of team building that only Drum Beats can provide. Led by our very own professional musicians and facilitators, each member of the group had their own drum to play as they slowly but surely emerged into an uplifting percussive orchestra. They showed real harmony and teamwork—one team, one unified performance.

The group came together in a way they have never experienced before—it was the most natural thing brought about by music. Truly a one-of-a-kind team building experience.