2007 - Loreto Normanhurst

Staff Development day - team bonding

Normanhurst, April 24th

Loreto Normanhurst, a private boarding school for girls, recently conducted a staff development team building day on the school premises. The event centered around activities that helped to accelerate progress and success amongst the school staff. To accomplish this objective, our team made use of music to create an event that was filled not only with learning but also served as a fun and entertaining team bonding experience.

Since the beginning of time, music has been used as a developmental tool — for children, adolescents and yes, even adults. During this team building activity, music reignited the sense of community in the school. The participants took part in a series of musical activities including lively performances and friendly performance competitions using instruments such as drums and percussion instruments. The team bonding served as a healthy way for the team to bond, develop and find a renewed sense of purpose.