2007 - Macquarie Bank

Team Building Day

The Argyle Cellars, The Rocks, Sydney, March 8th

A community where everyone belongs is the kind of team, we at Drum Beats, want to create through music. During the Macquarie Bank team building, in Sydney on March 8, 2007, we had this same sense of purpose as we brought in musical instruments for everyone to play and enjoy during the event. 

Each member was eager to try African drumming and percussion playing, to create music guided by their own rhythm. Initially the sounds were simple, but as each member discovered their own way to be in sync with the rest of the team, a beautiful melody emerged and the room filled with vibrant energy. With each team member discovering the part they could play in the orchestra, a sense of community was established. The positivity of this experience can be taken back into the workplace. It was a memorable team bonding experience for everyone, one that renewed even our commitment and love for what we do here at Drum Beats, which is using music to build teams and a sense of community.