2007 - Optus for Sporting Spectrum

Office Opening - Celebration Day

North Ryde, August 17th

Drum Beats was excited to provide African drumming team bonding experiences at the opening of Optus' new state-of-the-art offices, in North Ryde.  

Optus, one of the leading telecommunications companies in Australia, moved to the modern and high-end office that promotes sustainability, environmental awareness and the well-being of the Optus employees. The new office has a campus-style architecture and design, aimed at showcasing the best of Optus’ technology. Not only is the campus one of the most high-tech headquarters in Australia, it is also the largest of its kind—designed to house around 6,500 staff with complete facilities including a gym and childcare. The layout of the new office is also intended to encourage more collaboration and teamwork within the Optus team.

To celebrate the opening of the office, event planner Sporting Spectrum organized a series of activities. They partnered with Drum Beats to provide a group of 30 participants with team bonding experiences celebrating unity, creativity and positive energy. 

Colourful African costumes, a wide variety of musical instruments, the sunny outdoors and enthusiastic participation of everyone in the group all made for a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Everyone was eager to join in and participate in the African drumming. Many of the participants enjoyed the positive boost of energy, discovering the excitement and connectedness of making beautiful music as a group. 

The team bonding experience was an exciting way to kick off a new chapter in Optus' continuing journey towards excellence.