2007 - PLC Dinner

Dinner Entertainment

Avondale GC, Sydney, July 24th

Pymble Ladies’ College (PLC) invited student parents to an evening of musical fun with an African themed dinner held at the Avondale Golf Club. PLC is a leading Ladies College in Australia, which prides itself on offering holistic education, providing a balance between curricular and extra-curricular activities.

In line with the African theme, Drum Beats provided interactive African drumming and entertainment to help celebrate the partnership between the school and the parents. The quality of this partnership plays a key role in helping the young ladies reach their educational and individual potential in this rapidly changing society.

Led by our professional musicians, the parents had a hands-on experience in creating music through African drumming and percussion. Inspired by a dynamic African dance performance, many parents let go of their inhibitions and joined the African dancers on the dance floor for some fun moves. It was a thoroughly enjoyable night that gave the parents a chance to relax and get to know one another better.