2007 - Sydney Airport Mercure Hotel

Famil Ice Breaker

Sydney Airport Mercure Hotel, June 6th

During a famil, conducted by the Sydney Airport Mercure Hotel, the guests were treated to a unique musical journey when they not only listened to music but participated in creating the music. 

Drum Beats, in partnership with Sydney Airport Mercure Hotel who share our goal - to provide a remarkable and unforgettable experience to everyone we serve - were challenged to brighten up the famil with an ice breaker session and also entertain the guests during the pre-dinner drinks and canapes. The event gave everyone a taste of the exclusive Drum Beats and Sydney Airport Mercure Hotel experience — rare, exceptional and unmatched. 

The tone was set with a performance that show cased drums, percussion, flute and vocals. After everyone was warmed up, energized and ready for more action, our team distributed djembes to allow participants an experience of working together to create music — an activity that proved refreshing and invigorating for all who were involved. Congratulations to the Sydney Airport Mercure Hotel team for a successful event. We look forward to being your partner in any future famils.

If you are holding an event and are looking for something different that will stand out in the memory of your audience, contact us at Drum Beats and let us help you create a truly unforgettable experience. We provide corporate entertainment, conduct African drumming workshops and facilitate team building activities. Our team of event planners would be happy to plan your next activity.