2007 - Tower Books

Tower Books - 10 Year Celebration,

Sydney, July 7th

Marking its 10 year anniversary Tower Books, joined together with Drum Beats to provide its team with an interactive African Drumming experience. The experience was engaging and musically immersive as the colleagues participated in creating the rhythms of Africa.

Books, music and videos have the potential to take people to places beyond their day to day experiences. Part of the Tower Books philosophy is to educate and engage through sensory perception and imagination. As part of the celebration of the 10 year milestone, Tower Books utilised their philosophy in a different way, an interactive African drumming team building/entertainment experience for their team. Drum Beats, a one-of-a-kind experience, took the team on a musical journey to Africa, where they enjoyed African Drumming, African Dance and Singing as they had a taste of the energy & vibrancy of African culture.