2007 - Watopo Hope

Annual Gala Dinner - Entertainment

Dockside, Sydney, November 10th

Attendees of the 2007 Watopo Hope Annual Gala Dinner were in for a real treat! A typical charity dinner turned into a night of lively music that saw everyone off their seats, onto the dance floor and even the stage, dancing and playing the musical instruments provided by Drum Beats.

Led by our in-house vocal expert and musical leader, Angela Grima, the Drum Beats African drumming team provided a one-of-a-kind corporate entertainment event for all the attendees. With musicians from Senegal and Guinea, clad in traditional African costumes, participants started out with an interactive African drumming experience that took the room by surprise. The animated and interactive performance created an exceptional night of corporate entertainment and fun. Everyone had an instrument in hand, played to the beat of the music and joined the dancers on the dance floor in the extravagant musical performance.