2007 - veda ADVANTAGE

veda ADVANTAGE for Oz Entertainment

African Drumming, Taronga Zoo, Sydney, July 24th

In celebration of rich culture, a colourful story and an energy-filled people, Drum Beats joined veda ADVANTAGE in a unique, one-of-a-kind event that involved lively music, energetic dancing, exciting games, heartfelt laughter and a true team bonding experience. 

The veda ADVANTAGE team, a top credit reference agency in Australia, enjoyed a complete African culture immersion with our very own expert corporate entertainment team at Drum Beats. We went above and beyond to give the team more than just a musical treat, taking them on a journey through Africa via the various entertainment segments we provided during the event.

From the colourful costumes of the performers to the equally dressed-up musical instruments, the venue was set to provide a real feel of the African experience. Authentic African drumming made the place throb with energy and anticipation. Our Zulu dancer took to the stage to display his traditional tribal war dance. From this display, some of the audience were selected to learn the Zulu war dance, which they energetically performed to the accompaniment of the African drummers. The room took on a life of its own, exploding with vigor and passion. It wasn’t long until everyone was ready to unleash their inner African warrior.

Members of the audience were also challenged with a tribal warriors game. With musicians from South Africa, Guinea and the Sudan, this exciting event also provided the veda ADVANTAGE team with a deeper appreciation of the African culture. 

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