2008 - AMP

AMP - Team Building Activity

Parramatta RSL, July 1st

To kick off the new financial year, the Australian Mutual Provident Society (AMP) held its team building activity in Sydney (Parramatta), last July 1st 2008, in partnership with Drum Beats. The workers behind the operations of AMP gathered and we provided them with a memorable, team-bolstering musical experience. 

Together, the group learnt the basic workings of an orchestra as they embarked on a musical journey. They took on the challenge and created a musical performance using drums, percussion tubes, spiced with enthusiastic body percussion and dance moves. The group enjoyed the chance to get together in a non-work environment, doing an out-of-the-ordinary activity and getting to know each other better.

It was a vibrant team building experience filled with excitement, learning and fun. After some initial shyness, the irresistible nature of the pulsing rhythms led all the participants to join in and be part of the music. With a sense of rekindled teamwork and optimism, the group finished the conference ready to press on for the second half of 2008. Good luck, team!