2008 - Brock Real Estate

Brock Real Estate - Annual Awards Day

Memorial Drive, Adelaide - August 27th

Adelaide Brock Real Estate's team enjoyed a musical treat when they gathered last August 27 for the company’s 2008 Annual Awards. The group was composed of all members of the Brock team - sales & rental agents, administration and management. It was an opportunity for everyone to relax, celebrate and acknowledge some exceptional efforts. 

Highly performing real estate brokers from the company, recognized for their skills and hard work, were treated to an exciting gathering that was further enlivened by Drum Beats’ musical treat.

We at Drum Beats specialize in providing one-of-a-kind corporate entertainment and facilitating enriching team building activities. For the Brock team, we prepared an informal musical workshop where each participant played a djembe, percussion tube and participated in body percussion and some lively dance moves. 

The team, all in their white Brock shirts (which reminded passersby of the tennis heritage of Memorial Drive) transformed into an orchestra as they filled the venue with a rhythm of drumming blasts and the tinkling sounds of percussion instruments. An energetic symphony that made the event a truly rewarding team-building experience for all involved. Congratulations, team!