2008 - Executive PA Magazine

Executive PA Magazine Annual Awards Night- Live Entertainment

Hilton Hotel, Sydney - August 8th

Imagine a night that transports you to another world through vibrant music, amazing acts and rarely seen performances. A world that celebrates the natural rhythm of life.

During the 2008 Annual Awards Night, of the Executive PA Magazine in Sydney, the attendees of the event were taken on a journey to another time and another dimension. One where sounds, sights and emotions all merge into one to create an experience filled with awe and wonder.

Held on the same night as the opening of the Beijing Olympics, the event was aimed at celebrating the work of Personal Assistants ( PA's ) and Executive Assistants ( EA's ). PA's and EA's are the hardworking, highly qualified assistants for organisations Executives & Managers. They perform diverse administrative roles, such as handling many of the communications and representing their executive or manager during meetings.

In a true spirit of celebration, we gathered together the best of the best to give all the attendees a grand experience in a gaia-themed event. The venue was set to create a magical, fairy tale-like setting and the stage burst with colours from our unique theatrical costumes and eclectic instruments - djembes, flutes, gongs and didgeridoo! When mesmeric Operatic vocals filled the air, the room became enchanted, invoking the 300 audience members to pick up their drums and percussion instruments and be part of the journey into a world of music and magic.

One night, one show, one grand celebration - it was an experience to remember. Congratulations to the Executive PA Magazine and all the PA's & EA's for a successful Annual Awards!