2008 - Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard - Team Building Activity

Sydney Venue, North Sydney, June 27th

Last June 28, 2008, Drum Beats had the opportunity to work with the fun-loving team of Pernod Ricard Australia, during its' Sydney conference. We provided an entertaining team building activity, the session based around making music as a team with a dose of group dancing in a room full of excited laughter.

The team undertook an informal, engaging musical workshop, using the African djembe drums and rhythm tubes. The energy in the room was high, the excitement even higher and a friendly competition lit up the team building activity even further. Everyone was eager to take part and perform, but they were even more enthusiastic about creating an orchestra from their particular instruments, working with one another to come up with a team masterpiece.

There were hurdles along the way but the group’s passion never wavered. And in the end - a wonderful performance, that was both energy-building and heart-warming, emerged. It was a great team building experience for everyone involved. We look forward to working with Pernod Ricard on another occasion.