2008 - UWS

UWS - College of Arts - Research Matters

Bankstown Campus - October 11th

Members of the Research Matters publication of the College of Arts, at the University of Western Sydney, plus colleagues gathered for a less structured day away from the worries of everyday uni life. They were given the opportunity to bond, have fun and enjoy music in a drumming workshop conducted by Drum Beats.

The team composed of like-minded individuals devoted to learning and critical thinking. They are members of the college’s publication that publishes relevant materials on global topics affecting the community and the university. It was composed of some of the brilliant professors, researchers and students in the university, all of whom committed to pursuing learning and discovery, united in their love of the arts. 

Drum Beats regularly works with similar groups to this team - dedicated educators and university leaders - and we have extensive experience facilitating activities that provide the balance of fun and learning. Equipped with our popular djembe drums and Egyptian tabla drums, we set out to create a memorable team building event to help foster camaraderie, friendship and collaboration.

The energy, rhythm, anticipation and finally the coming together of the orchestra was again an exciting process. The entire experience was rejuvenating, refreshing and uplifting. It was filled with positive energy and we (the facilitators) always end up also feeling elated as our audience discover the workings of teamwork and unity slowly unfold in a musical sense - as natural as it should be.

This event was no different. The group, experienced the magic of music. The team left the venue with a spring in their step, ready to face the coming days with a positive spirit knowing their team was closer and stronger.