2008 - World Youth Day

World Youth Day -

ACU - Sydney, July 16th

The Australian Catholic University (ACU) celebrated vigor, passion and positivity, all qualities that characterize today’s youth, during the University’s World Youth Day celebration in Sydney last July 16, 2008, which coincided with the Pope’s visit to Australia.

The ACU teamed up with Drum Beats for an event that celebrated these positive qualities through music, team spirit and team work! They say each generation is characterized by a different kind of music. And for today’s millennials, what could be a better way to describe their rhythm but intense and filled with energy? Within seconds of Drum Beats starting, the participants were excitedly joining in the happiness of the occasion through rhythm, song and dance. It was like a rock concert with everyone leaving their inhibitions behind to come together and create something special and unforgettable.

Way to go ACU team, that was real team spirit!