Welcome to the Circus

The Circus Playground is our circus tent enclosure - It is an interactive circus workshop environment (A bit of a Dr Seuss look to it with a funky entrance way, beautiful banners, colourful flags and silk bunting) - we provide juggling things (balls, clubs, rubber chickens….), diabolos, devilsticks, stilts, rola-bolas, twirling things, hula-hoops, walking beams and hand-held stilts etc... and under the supervision of our instructors the whole family can play and learn in an informal fun safe environment.

Circus not only teaches essential hand-eye coordination and balance, it is also a fun confidence building activity that is very beneficial and accessible to all age groups - children, youth and adult.

The Playground can run for up to a 5hr event period per day. We adopt a flexible free-time basis to running the Playground, participants can come and go as they please, from experience we have found that this caters for the fact that kids need to learn and interact at their own pace. It has become a spectacular addition to events and a colourful focus point for families who attend them. It is not at crèche environment - we encourage the parents to join in with their children - everything is adult proof.