2013 - Best and Less

Staying the Best

Rydges Hotel, Parramatta, NSW - October 31st

Best and Less Clothing stores is widely hailed as one of Australia’s best retailers. For over 50 years this home-grown and family built name has surpassed our expectations for service and quality. If you ever wonder how a company can grow from a small operation to a large national retailer, part of the answer lies in how they motivate and keep their valued employees. 

Drum Beats was asked to help in that regard recently by having the NSW team out for a motivational team building session at the Rydges Hotel in Parramatta, NSW. A mid-sized group was given a set of drums and thundersticks and asked to make music in unison. This is no easy task the first time around, but the amazing employees at Best and Less showed up to show us a thing or two about team unity.