2014 - Kindalin

Early Years Educational Shows starts at Kindalin

The Concourse, Chatswood, NSW - July 26th

It is a proven fact that learning music at an early age has a host of benefits from improving grades, to bettering moods to even providing self-soothing techniques in stressful situations. Drum Beats have great early years, kindergarten and learning centre programs to help introduce team work and music to your group of youngsters.

Learning to work together and play a drum is a magical experience, for young or old. Just ask the employees of Kindalin Child Care Centres that recently participated in a one-day workshop with Drum Beats at the Chatswood Concourse Pavilion. These early childhood educators were also learning the value of music and its ability to inspire their charges by learning great activities to conduct with their own students. Music is a universal language that motivates, enhances morale and ensures a great event every time. 

If you are looking for an event that will engage your young ones, keep them enthralled and help them understand the importance of working together, Drum Beats has programs for you. From the very young to the very young at heart, these programs ensure your group will participate, have fun and grow together.