2014 - Medtronic International

Team Building Activity

Fairmont Resort, Leura, NSW - January 21st

Being a large global company, Medtronic International wanted a team building activity that would help their staff feel connected as though they are a part of a family. Common team building ideas and entertainment won’t do. They needed something to help people mingle and feel at ease with each other for the rest of the conference. This is where African drumming in a team building context excells. Traditionally African drumming is about connecting community and is a part of most significant occasions, in a corporate tem building context the activity allows the audience to be a part of the performance, transforming them into performers themselves, they feel more at ease to be a part of the action.
African drumming as a team building activity is a celebration of music and play. Participants get to let their inner child out, form happy memories, and associate those happy memories to being around their colleagues. It is no secret that people will want to work more with associates that they shared a great experience with. That’s what we help provide at Drum Beats!