The Kingdom of Tonga announces the arrival of Mary Greatz a traditionally trained dancer & trailblazer for this archipelago of 176 islands.
Mary is a multi talented Polynesian dancer, proficient in Tongan, Samoan & Hawaiian styles. Apart from her enjoyment of dance, Mary also enjoys a successful career as a model which over the past 2 years has led her to be crowned Miss Earth Tonga & Miss Tonga Australia. In fact this year Mary became the 1st ever Tongan to be selected for an international beauty pageant when she traveled to the Dominican Republic for the 39th Miss Intercontinental.
Mary is also a fully trained school teacher.
What better after the excitement & glamour of dance and International contests than twenty five 8 year olds students to keep you grounded in the core Tongan values of mutual respect, sharing, humility & commitment.