Ron Reeves - Musician

During his teenage years Ron was transported into another world at a live performance by the legendary Ravi Shankar and Alla Rakha. He was so uplifted by this he has spent his life endeavouring to create the same type of experience for audiences who come to hear him play.

Ron is a multi talented musician and composer who performs (amongst other instruments) on Sundanese (West Javanese) kendang, the Middle Eastern tabla, the mridangam & other South Indian drums, and flutes from around the world.
Ron has played with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Iva Davies, Synergy, Trilok Gurtu, Bill Cobham, Hossam Ramzy, Leonard Eto, “heavy plastic” group AC/PVC, Java Jazz, Toni Childs, Nigeria’s “Lebe Olarinjo Masqueraders”, the Karnataka College of Percussion (India), Jugala Group (Indonesia), the Supremes, John Wyre’s World Drum Ensemble and of course these days with Drum Beats..