Corporate Team Bonding Service Sydney

Drum Beats offers Sydney NSW consumers energising and exciting corporate team bonding services based around rhythm, movement & coming together with a team pulse. We provide every participant with an instrument to play, often these instruments are drums (we have over 1000 drums available), sometimes a different approach is required and we may use percussions instruments and other interesting assortments of ‘sound makers’

Drum Beats
309 Kent Street,
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Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia
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Music & Rhythm Based

Our team bonding services are utilised at awards nights, end of year events, roadshows, social days, wellbeing retreats & conferences. Programs are suitable for groups as small as seven participants through to large scale meetings with several thousand participants.

Music & rhythm based events work well in a broad range of scenarios, such as: participants speaking different languages, participants of differing ages & demographics, high level leaders events, participants who have not yet met each other – rhythm has a common language, once a pulse is established and people are listening with ‘both ears open’ powerful synergies are realised! Our highly regarded facilitators are adept at tailoring sessions to incorporate clients themes and key conference messages. If your event has a multicultural theme Drum Beats is the 1st port of call with musicians from a range of cultures such as Africa, Polynesia Arabian cultures, Japan, Indigenous Australia and South America.

Drum Beats corporate team bonding service Sydney NSW based, servicing Wollongong, Newcastle, The Hunter Valley, Central Coast and all of Australia. We look forward to working with you. Contact us on: 1300 749 846



    • Drum Beats performed for our milestone anniversary, they go the crowd of their seats and involved them. Simply putting it, they we exceptional.

      Arvind Sood Avatar Arvind Sood
      October 11, 2018

      Drum beats visit was spectacular, although we have a very small Centre the Facilitator was very accommodating. We have mixed age children and they all enjoyed the interactive nature of the performance, being able to sit on and play their own drums was fantastic! The Facilitator was full of energy and interacted with all of the children in a positive and engaging way. The Educators also loved being involved and we also liked how we learnt more about our world and different languages during the session. Thank you Drum beats!

      Brand and Slater Architects Childcare Avatar Brand and Slater Architects Childcare
      October 19, 2017
    • Drum Beats presented a workshop to staff as a team building exercise and as a away for staff to extend on some previous work we had done on focus for students. It was a fabulous experience that allowed our staff to reconnect as learners approaching something new, but done in such a warm and supportive way by the facilitators, that everyone was able to participate and take risks to create a beat. It was wonderful to hear the personal stories of our facilitators who shared their passions with us.

      Jennifer Hardwick Avatar Jennifer Hardwick
      May 2, 2018

      The children at our Preschool were totally involved and loved the interactive Drumbeats Show! The show was presented at the children's level so they were able to interact enthusiastically throughout! Thank you.

      Randi McHolme Avatar Randi McHolme
      August 7, 2018
    • Everyone loved Cathie from Drum Beats who entertained and engaged families with her awesome drumming at our Family Fun Day, thank you.

      Mici Beer Avatar Mici Beer
      April 19, 2018

      Drum Beats came to hold a workshop with 150+ year 10 students. The girls had a great time, learnt a new skill, challenged themselves and are still talking about this positive experience. Thank you Drum Beats

      Bianca Bennett Avatar Bianca Bennett
      August 27, 2019
    • Wonderful performance held for my childcare centre. Professional and easy. Every child had a drum, every child had a turn. A beautiful musical experience. Thank you.

      Angela Nucifora Avatar Angela Nucifora
      December 4, 2018

      Everyone loved Cathie from Drum Beats who entertained and engaged families with her awesome drumming at our Family Fun Day, thank you.

      Mici Beer Avatar Mici Beer
      April 20, 2018