No 70s’ Baby (or cool cat from any decade) has to be trapped in Memory Lane!

Not when they can get their groove on with Drum Beats where the 70s’ beat, soul and rhythm are contagious !

So, dig out those platforms, dust down those flares and bell-bottoms, and FIND that Peace medallion. Tease your hair (or Afro), and don’t forget the blue eye make-up! Make sure everyone comes dressed to impress for your Boogie Wonderland – the brighter the better! Flower Power Rules!



    Nostalgia competes with laughter

    As we teach your guests to re-create the sounds of the 70’s through percussion and Disco drums.

    Experience getting d-o-w-n with the Man! He’s got the smooth moves, the feel and the groove to make it happen … Disco, Glam Rock, Funky Soul, Punk … he knows them all, and he’s here to show you how to show off YOUR Killer moves! Will you be the Company’s Dancing Queen?  Burn up the floor! Bump hips with your colleagues, boogie to a little night fever … and Meeeeooooooowww!  Watch out for those foxy Mamas!

    Drum Beats has the prescription for the Disco Groove, and it can be filled at your Christmas Party, your next conference – or any special occasion where guests want to let their ‘BIG’ hair down! Be there, or be square!



    When to use the 70s’ Entertainment

    • Team Building
    • Roadshow
    • 70s’ Themed Events
    • Staff Get-together
    • Christmas Party
    • Awards Night