A Unique Experience!

A master facilitator is deeply connected to the group they are working with and is often ahead of the moment. They have a highly developed sense of intuition and connection to their audience as well as an ability to read between the lines.

Many people describe a master facilitator as particularly gifted or clever in the way they are able to read their audience and literally connect the dots through the musical experience of drumming, singing and hand and body percussion. This results in creating an atmosphere that will bring participants into an experience of the ‘zone’/flow state, which for most people is a new and unexpected experience of connection. Needless to say, a ‘sense of connection’ is what allows people to build better relationships & what many organisations are looking to develop either inadvertently or directly.

Masterful facilitation is the icing on the cake for a drumming team building activity.




    From a griots perspective

    Traditionally in many areas of Africa, the village griot is a vocation that is passed down through the lineage from generation to generation. Similarly to a Celtic bard, It is the griots job to hold the story of the village, its history, this can take the form of music, poetry, praise singing and storytelling.

    A team building activity facilitated by a griot who also has an understanding and appreciation of western cultural norms can be an invigorating, surprising experience that leaves the group uplifted for days to come.